Top 5 Money Makers For Field Inspectors

Top 5 Money Makers for Field Inspectors

Being a field inspector is a great way to make nice money. There simply are a lot of field inspector jobs out there. But what are the top 5 money makers for field inspectors? The best ways to make the profits you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Commercial inspections

Insurance companies often request an inspection of various business properties. Some that might fall under this category include retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, condo complexes and apartment buildings. You’ll generally be given a checklist and asked to take photos of areas, such as the stairs, elevator or laundry room. Often you might just focus on the business equipment itself, such as a pizza oven in a pizza restaurant. These inspections pay $50 to $300 for a half an hour or more of work.

2. Delinquency inspections

The recent recession has meant a high number of foreclosures as people are falling behind in their home payments. A field inspector might be asked to visit the delinquent borrower and to inquire as to when they play to make a payment. If they’re not there, the inspector often leaves a door hanger urging the homeowner to contact their lender. These can pay $10 and up, and it’s really quite possible to do several in an hour. Some field inspectors do property preservation, such as boarding up broken windows and changing locks. These often pay from $40 to $100.

3. Construction progress inspections

When a lender loans money to a construction builder, it is often done in “progress” payments as the building is completed. A field inspector’s job is to make sure things are progressing as planned. They follow a checklist and take a few photos. These inspections take 10 to 20 minutes and pay $25 to $40 each.

4. Collateral inspections

When equipment is leased, such as a backhoe or bull dozer, the company that loaned it often wants to make sure the equipment is where it should be and is being maintained. These on-site inspections take just a few minutes and can pay anywhere from $20 to $100 each.

5. Insurance inspections

Insurance companies need an inspection at two different points. First when a new policy has been written. The inspection involves checking the condition of the property, looking for cracks in the sidewalk or damage to the stairs. These inspections take about half an hour and can pay $25 to $60. The other time an inspection is necessary is after a claim has been filed, such as after a tornado or flood. As repairs are made you might be asked to do additional follow-up reports to make sure things are progressing as they should be. These can pay anywhere from $20 to $80 per report.

These top 5 money makers could help you make the profits you’ve always dreamed of. It’s all possible by becoming a field inspector. Try these five out, and you’ll be amazed at the profits you’re making in very little time. To learn more about field inspector jobs, read Drive By Profits.