Starting a Drive-By Property Inspection Business in 6 Easy Steps

Drive By Property Inspection

Starting a drive-by property inspection business is probably a lot easier than you think. You have the motivation to be your own boss. You’re ready to enjoy a job where you pick the schedule, you take the jobs you want, and not only that, you make good money doing it! So now what?

1. Gather materials

It’s important you have the necessary materials. The right tools for the right job, as the saying goes. You’ll need a clipboard, a tape measure, a reliable car to get you to and from your jobs, a computer with internet access, a cell phone (one with emailing capabilities is ideal), and a good digital camera. A simple point and shoot will do. No need to sink hundreds of dollars into a camera. You simply need one that can take good, clear photos.

2. Make a resume

Field inspection companies are most likely going to want a basic resume. There are many web sites available with samples. Some can even make a resume for you for a modest fee. To get started, just do a Google search for “free resume.”

3. Start signing up

Now it’s time to get some jobs. You have all your materials, so now you’re ready to begin signing up with national field inspection companies. A comprehensive list can be found in the book, Drive-By Profits, from HeadStart Publishing. Signing up is very easy. For many companies you can simply sign up right on their web site. Some will require you to print out forms and fax them in. And go ahead and sign up for many companies. You might as well and that’ll insure that the work just keeps on coming. Also, consider offering many zip codes that you can work in, as the more you offer, the more jobs might be offered to you.

4. Fill out a W-9 form

You’re going to need to fill out an IRS Form W-9 as all field inspection companies require them for tax purposes. This shouldn’t take you too long.

5. Get in the habit of checking your email often

If you need anymore excuses to check your email often, well here’s one: the quicker you are to reply to potential job offers, the more like you’ll get the job. Pretty simple. Inspection companies want an independent field inspector who is reliable, does good work, and an eager and quick reply can show them that. If you have a cell phone with email capabilities, even better! Check your email from your phone when you’re on the road at jobs or other things. Not while driving, of course!

Drive- By Profits Book

6. Get in your car and on the road to good work

Okay you’ve gathered your materials. You’ve signed up with several companies, and filled out a W-9 form. You’re checking your email more often than ever. Well now what? Simple, get in your car and begin taking on jobs. Only take ones you can complete in the deadline asked. Do good work, promptly and effectively, and you’ll see the jobs continue to roll in.

That’s all there is to it. In six easy steps you can be making money being your own boss and doing a job that can not only provide great profits, but great flexibility and a schedule you decide yourself. To learn more about this rewarding business, read Drive By Profits.