Is a Field Inspection Business The Best Part-Time Business For Retirees?

Field Inspector Checklist

You just recently retired. Or you’re thinking about it. Or maybe you retired several years ago. The prospect of a life free from work sounds pretty good. You’re in charge now. You’re the boss of your life. But maybe you also want a little extra income or maybe you’d like a good amount to still be coming in on a weekly basis. But then again, you want the freedom of your new life, to not be tied down to showing up at 8:00 every morning and staying until 5:00. Well then maybe you shoulder consider the profitable—and most of all, flexible—business of being an independent field inspector.

A field inspector is someone who surveys properties, fills out some basic forms, takes a simple photo or two, and can make good money doing it. There are lots of inspector jobs available, and chances are good you’ll find quite a few right in your area. You work on your schedule and you only take the jobs you want to take. Sounding pretty good so far?

A company leases equipment to a construction site. They want to make sure the equipment is there and being taken care of. Who do they call? A field inspector, to do a collateral inspection. A bank loans money to a family that bought a house. They want to make sure that family is actually occupying that house. Who do they call? A field inspector, to do a mortgage inspection.  A mortgage lender wants to make sure a foreclosed home is being maintained. Who do they call? A field inspector to do a foreclosure inspection. Getting the idea?

And get this, you can run a good portion of your business from your home. You can stroll in the office, oh, let’s say, around 11:00 if you want. And the dress code is, well, how about pajamas today? Sitting at your computer, you can sign up with national field inspection companies. Sign up for as many as you want. Next, get in the habit of checking your email often. Soon inspection offers might be filling your inbox, and the quicker you respond, the more likely you’ll keep getting jobs. Also, it’s a good idea to have a cell phone with email capabilities so you can check your email when you’re away from home. It’s still the case that the early bird gets the worm.

Now, out on the road you drive to various sites in the zip codes in which you told the field inspection companies you could work. You’re the boss, remember. At these sites you perform the inspection. In most cases no formal training is needed. Often you’ll fill out the forms, take the photos, and be out of there in less than thirty minutes and with $20, $30, or even more in your pocket.

Being a field inspector is a great way to make some extra income or start a whole new business in your new retired life. You’re the boss and you can make it work the way you want it to work. Don’t feel like working today? Want to catch up on that golf game or some reading? Just take the day off, you deserve it! To learn more about the fascinating world of field inspection jobs, read Drive By Profits.