How To Start a Field Inspection Business

Field Inspector Checklist

Starting a profitable field inspection business is probably a lot easier than you think. Chances are you won’t need to take out a loan or drain your bank account to get well on your way. In fact you probably already have a lot of the supplies you need: a computer, clipboard, car (to get you to and from your jobs), cell phone (preferably with email capabilities), tape measure and digital camera. A simple camera will do. No need to shell out thousands. You simply need a camera that can take clear, bright photos that show what needs to be shown. If you don’t already have one, you can find one for a relatively inexpensive amount.

Also,  you’re going to need something else: determination. Like other businesses, hard work is your friend and can lead to more money in your pocket.

Okay, you’ve gathered your supplies and you’re more determined than ever. Your pocket is ready for that extra money too. Now what? Well, you’re ready to begin finding work. You can find a comprehensive list of national field inspection companies in Drive-By Profits, an eBook from HeadStart Publishing. After visiting the web sites listed, you can start signing up for work. Some might allow you to sign up right there on the web site. Others will ask you to print out forms and fax them back. Keep a resume handy and fill out a W-9 form while you’re at it. Okay, that doesn’t sound too difficult.

Want to keep that work rolling in? Sign up with several companies and, if you’re able, consider offering many zip codes as ones you could work in, as the more you offer, the more work might be offered to you. But wait a minute, what about all that driving? Won’t that get expensive? Again, you decide which zip codes you want to work in, so the amount of driving is up to you. And while most companies won’t pay for your travel expenses, you can deduct those expenses on your tax return. The IRS is currently allowing 51 cents per every mile you drive related to work.

And next, get in the habit of checking your email often, especially from your cell phone while you’re on the road. Inspectors who are easy to contact and quick to reply will find themselves getting the most work. Being available and reliable are two things that will keep the work rolling in.

And finally, do good work. That was obvious, wasn’t it? Meet deadlines. Only take work you can actually complete in the allotted time. Inspection companies want to know they can count on you. They want to see clear photos and completed forms. Do these things and you’ll be on your way to starting a successful field inspection business. It can really be that easy. To learn more, read Drive By Profits.