How to Start a Field Inspection Business For $500

independent Field Inspector

Like a lot of us, you’d probably like to start your own business. Be your own boss. No longer reluctantly roll out of bed, sit through rush-hour traffic, and engage in the 9 to 5 rat race. But wouldn’t that be expensive? Well there’s an exciting business—not to mention, profitable—that you can start for under $500.

The business we’re talking about is becoming an independent field inspector. Inspectors visit properties, often around their own neighborhood, and record the condition of things. For example, an inspector might visit a home of an occupant that borrowed money from the bank, and the inspector’s job is to make sure the occupant is actually living there. There are many other inspector jobs as well: visiting construction sites to check the condition of loaned equipment, performing an insurance inspection after a new policy has been written to check for various hazards, checking a property for a delinquent homeowner, and many, many more.

Best of all, these jobs often pay well and take little time at all. You simply take a few pictures, fill out some basic forms, and then you’re on your way. It’s possible to make $20, $30 or more in half an hour or less.

Well that sounds good. But come on, there’s got to be tons of start-up costs. Not to mention all that formal training I’ll need. I don’t have time to take classes.

There is little or no formal training needed. And the costs are really quite minimal. In fact you might already have all the items you need, but if not, you can purchase them for probably less than you think. In addition to access to the internet and a reliable car to get you from job to job, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A clipboard – under $5
  • Tape measure – $10
  • Cell phone with email capabilities – $50 to $200
  • Digital camera – $100 to $250

A simple clipboard will do. You just need something to attach your forms to while you’re filling them out. The tape measure will help you if you have to make measurements at a property. Having a cell phone with email capabilities will make it easier for field inspection companies to contact you and get a quick response as well. Generally the internet could work fine for this, but you want something you can access while you’re out on the job. And finally, you need a good digital camera, but a simple point and shoot will do. You just want something that can take clear, bright photos. No need to invest in an expensive camera.

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You can be on your way to getting field inspector jobs before you know it without going broke to do it. But remember, time is money, so get started! To learn more, read Drive By Profits.