How to Make Money Doing Drive By Inspections

Drive-By Inspections

Drive-by property surveys are easy, don’t take much time, and can lead to a profitable career, one where you’re your own boss and you make the schedule that works for you. First, you just need a few supplies: a clipboard, tape measure, car, computer with internet access, cell phone (preferably with email capabilities), and a digital camera. Chances are you probably have most of these items already. And best of all, no formal training is needed. A new career where you’re the boss, no formal training is needed, and you most likely won’t need to take out any sort of loan or go into debt to get going—sounds pretty good!

After signing up with national field inspection companies (a comprehensive list can be found in Drive-By Profits), you’ll be able to get work inspecting properties. Signing up won’t take too long. Many companies let you sign up right there on their web site.

Inspections generally take a half hour or less and can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket each day. For instance, a property inspection is usually done to verify the condition and square footage of a property. Other questions might include: is the neighborhood in good condition or is it rundown? These inspections generally take between 15 and 60 minutes and can pay $20 to $30. That doesn’t sound too difficult.

Drive-by inspections can be even quicker and easier. These usually involve just a picture and a quick look at the item or property and then filing a report. The pay can be anywhere from $10 to $20 and it’s quite possible to do several in an hour.

Or how about this one: occupancy inspections. Mortgage companies want to confirm that the person borrowing money actually lives in the home, so that’s where you come in. You visit the home, talk to the occupant or a neighbor that can verify occupancy, take a photo or two, and you’re on the way with $15 to $25, all completed in about 15 minutes. That’s basically more than $1 for each minute of work. How many jobs with no formal training or expensive start-up costs have that?

And remember, you work as much as you want to work. You decide your schedule. You accept the jobs that work for you. You truly have the freedom to turn it into a career or just some extra income. Whatever you want. You’re in charge. It just keeps getting better!

And the harder you work the more money you’re likely to make. Signing up with several companies, checking your email often (especially from your phone while you’re away from your computer), and turning in good reports and pictures on time can get you on your way to beginning a lucrative career in drive-by property surveys and inspections. Its easy work, can lead to great money, and you’re in charge. Sounds pretty good! To learn more, read Drive By Profits.