How to Become a Drive-By Field Inspector

Profits From Drive-By Inspections

Becoming a drive-by field inspector is pretty easy. No, you’re not going to have to enroll in classes. And don’t worry, you won’t have to ask your Great Aunt to loan you money. It looks like you’re already really determined and ready to be your own boss. So here’s what you need to do now:

First of all, start gathering your supplies. You might already have all these. So what will you need? You’ll need a clipboard, a tape measure, a car to get to and from your jobs, a cell phone (preferably with email capabilities), a computer with access to the internet, and finally, a simple digital camera. A simple one will do. You just need something that can take good, clear photos.

Okay, you have everything all gathered. Now what? Log onto your computer and put together a resume. Maybe you already have one. After you finish that, you’re ready to sign up for work with national field inspection companies. Already? You bet. Those inspector jobs are waiting for you.

A comprehensive list of field inspection companies can be found in our new E-book, Drive-By Profits. Begin logging on to these company websites, and you can now sign up. Some let you sign up right there on the web site, while others will want you to print out the forms and fax them back. Consider signing up for several companies. Remember, the more companies you sign up for, the more work you could potentially get. As you sign up, think about offering several zip codes you could work in. The more zip codes you offer, the more work could get offered to you.

Okay, you signed up with several companies, and you found multiple zip codes that you want to work in, so now you’re ready to start filling out those inspection reports. But first, fill out one more form. Fill out an IRS Form W-9. This is necessary for tax purposes. Don’t worry, this form doesn’t take too long.

With that all done, you’re ready to begin working. Start checking your email often. You probably never thought you’d be told to check your email more often than you already do. Keep a diligent eye on your email (and consider checking it from your phone when you’re away from your computer), because the quicker you reply to the job offers, the more you’ll get, and the more could keep coming to you.

Soon you’re starting to get some job offers, and you’ve accepted the ones you want to do. Now you’re ready to get in your car and get to work. Don’t forget your supplies. Go to the sites and do the work, making sure to fill out the forms completely and that your photos are clear and bright. Try to meet deadlines. If you can’t, don’t take those jobs. A reliable field inspector will see the jobs continue to come their way.

Finding those profitable field inspector jobs is really quite easy. It doesn’t take long either. With a little hard work, you could be on your way to big profits and the flexibility that comes with being an independent drive-by field inspector. To learn more, read: Drive By Profits.