Earn Extra Cash With a Part-Time Field Inspection Job

Field Inspector at Work

Looking to make some extra cash? Maybe something to put towards that vacation you’ve been putting off or that college fund that could use a little more. Then why not become a field inspector? It’s simply a great way to make extra cash. Here’s how:

Companies routinely need a variety of inspections done. A construction company has leased some equipment, and the company that leased it wants to make sure the equipment is in good condition and being used the way it’s supposed to be. Who can verify that? A field inspector. A homeowner has been falling behind on payments. A lender wants to know what kind of condition the property is in and if the homeowner will provide a payment next. Who do they send to do just that? A field inspector. A building recently suffered damage after a hurricane. An insurance company wants photos verifying the condition of the property. You guessed it, they call a field inspector.

As an independent field inspector, you can make good money. On average, inspectors make between $25 and $50 a job, which can often take half an hour or less to complete. It’s quite possible to do multiple jobs in an hour. But wait, there’s probably a lot of expensive training and classes required, right? Nope. If any training is required, it should be fairly easy, and will be supplied by the field inspection company at no cost to you. Okay, what about supplies? You probably need a lot of expensive supplies, right? Nope. In fact, you probably have a lot of them, if not all. Here’s what you’ll need:

*A car to get you to and from your jobs

*A cell phone, preferably one with emailing capabilities

*A computer with internet access

*A clipboard

*A digital camera (a simple point-and-shoot will do. No reason to buy an expensive camera)

*A tape measure.

But here’s why another reason why field inspections could be the perfect fit for you—you can work as little or as much as you’d like. No full-time commitment is necessary. You can take the jobs you want to take, and balance it with your day job, family responsibilities or other commitments. That’s why it’s the perfect way to make extra money, good money too. Simply put, you’re in charge. Want to work just one day a week? Just a few hours in the afternoon? You decide.

If you have your supplies, you’re ready to start signing up with field inspection companies. Now start checking your email often. Soon they’ll email you field inspection jobs. If you choose, accept them. Only take jobs you can complete in the allotted time. If you can do good work and get it completed and turned in by the deadline, you’ll keep getting field inspector jobs offered to you.

You’d like to make some extra cash, but probably also want flexibility. As a field inspector, you can work as little or as much as you’d like. You only accept the jobs you’d like to do. That’s why it’s the perfect fit for anyone looking to make some extra money. To learn more, read Drive By Profits.