Earn An Extra $400 – $600 a Week As a Local Field Inspector

Profits From Drive-By Inspections

It sure would be nice to earn some extra income. After all, we can all use a little more money coming in. Well, how does making an extra $400-$600 sound? If you’ve got about 12 hours to spare a week, then you can do it. How? By becoming an independent local field inspector.

Field inspectors survey properties (businesses, homes, etc…) and make good money doing it. A field inspector fills out a few basic forms, takes a couple simple photos, and does it all in 30 minutes and can make $20, $30, or more! If you have 12 hours to spare, you can see your profits start to pile up.

No formal training is needed, and best of all, there is little or no cost to you to get started. Chances are you have most of the supplies you need: a car to get you to and from jobs, a cell phone, a computer with internet access, a tape measure, a clipboard, and a digital camera. No need to shell out hundreds on a digital camera. A simple point and shoot will do. You just need something that will take good, clear photos.

Once you gather your supplies you can sign up for national field inspector companies. A comprehensive list of over 60 national firms that are currently looking for local inspectors is included in the guidebook , Drive-By Profits.

So you have your materials and you’re all signed up. Here are just some of the jobs you could be doing as a local field inspector:

Collateral Inspections – companies often lease equipment and a field inspector’s job is to check up on that equipment, make sure it’s in good condition and is being well-maintained. You’ll walk away from this making $20 to $100 per inspection.

Occupancy Inspections – mortgage companies want to verify the homeowner they loaned money to is actually living in the home. A field inspector simply stops by and talks with the homeowner. If that’s not possible, you can talk to a neighbor to verify occupancy. This easy job can pay you $15 or $25 per inspection.

Insurance Inspections – after a new policy is written or after a claim is filed (example: after a fire or flood), a field inspector steps in to look for hazards (such as a cracked sidewalk or dangerous stairs) or to fill out a report as repairs are made. For a new policy you can expect to make $25 to $60. After a claim is filed you can expect to make $20 to $80 per report.

These are just some of the many jobs you could be doing to put some extra money in your pocket. Many can be done in under half an hour and can be quite profitable too. That college fund

The Guide to Field Inspector Jobs

The Guide to Field Inspector Jobs

and vacation are looking more and more possible, right? And all from just a few hours a week. To learn more about local field inspections, read Drive By Profits.