7 Field Inspection Secrets

7 Field Inspection Secrets

Some field inspectors make a 6-figure income while others struggle to get work. What’s the difference? Here are seven secrets of successful field inspectors that could help you boost your field inspection earnings dramatically.

1. Check your email often

You probably never thought you’d have an excuse to check your email more than you already do, but field inspectors that check their email often are the ones most likely to get the most jobs. Field inspection companies want jobs to be done quickly. They want to see eager field inspectors. If you’re quick to respond when getting a job offer, you could see a lot more work coming your way.

2. Keep an eye out for “troubled” properties

Real estate investors like to keep an eye out for “troubled” properties, such as homes that could become delinquent. If you can find troubled properties for them, they might be willing to pay you a finder’s fee.

3. Offer several zip codes you can work in

If you’re able, list several zip codes you’re willing to work in. The bigger the area you can work, the more work you’ll get. But remember, only offer to do several zip codes if you can in fact do that. Don’t stress yourself out driving big distances if you don’t think you can handle it.

4. Sign up with several field inspection companies

You don’t have to limit yourself to signing up with just one or a few field inspection companies. Sign up with as many as you like. Get a list and start signing up! The more you sign up for, the more work you can get.

5. Don’t sign up with companies that require insurance

Some field inspection companies require that you have E&O (errors and omissions) insurance. Most don’t. The ones that require it often are the ones that pay the lowest amount. So just skip those firms. You can get plenty of field inspector jobs from the other field inspection companies.

6. Take really good pictures

You don’t need a fancy digital camera. A simple point-and-shoot will do. But still, try to take high-quality photos. Before you leave the inspection site, look back at the photos and see if they came out looking right. Are the photos bright and clear? Take good photos, and you’ll keep seeing a lot of field inspection jobs coming your way.

7. Only take jobs you can complete by the deadline

This sounds obvious, but is very true. It might be tempting to take every single inspection job that is thrown your way. Only take ones you can seriously complete before the deadline. If you turn in poorly-written forms or you’re late with your inspection, field inspection companies will not be happy, and will be less likely to keep giving you work. If you don’t think you can complete a job well and in a timely manner, then just don’t accept it.

Follow these seven secrets, and you should be on your way to success as a field inspector. In no time you can be an all-star field inspector, the one that everyone calls on. To learn more, read Drive By Profits.