3,000 Foreclosed Homes a Week Creates Opportunity For Field Inspectors

Opportunity for Field Inspectors

The recession has hit everyone hard. People are having to cut back, many are losing their jobs and in particular, many people are losing their homes. The current foreclosure rate is estimated to be around 3,000 a week. This is certainly bad news, but can actually mean a great business opportunity for you. Here’s how:

All those foreclosures have created an increase in the need for field inspectors. What are those? Independent field inspectors are people like you or me that do drive-by inspections. They visit a site, such as a home, construction site or new office building, and perform a basic inspection, which often means filling out a couple forms, taking a measurement or two, snapping a few photos and that’s it. These quick inspections can mean good money too.

Foreclosures are providing a lot of work for field inspectors in the area of delinquency inspections. When a homeowner is unable to make their payments, lenders and banks will often send a field inspector to the home to find out what is going on. If the homeowner is home, the field inspector will usually ask when they plan to make a payment. They also try to update contact information so the bank or lender can get in contact with the homeowner.

When the homeowner isn’t home, a field inspector will often leave a door hanger, which asks the homeowner to contact the lender. As a field inspector, you might also be asked to take a couple photos to verify the condition of the property.

These quick foreclosure inspections pay around $10 and up, but it really is quite possible to do several in an hour, meaning you could make some nice money for very easy work.

There are some field inspectors that also do property preservation, doing things such as boarding up windows, cutting the grass, changing locks and draining a backyard pool. These pay anywhere from $40 to $100.

The high number of foreclosures is troubling news, but can actually mean a lot of work for you as an independent field inspector. Plus, it’s quite easy to become a field inspector. Generally no classes or training are required. If training is necessary, field inspection companies will provide that at no expense to you. As far as supplies go, you’ll need:

*A car to get you to and from jobs

*A tape measure

*A clipboard

*A cell phone, preferably with emailing capabilities

*A computer with internet access

*A digital camera (a simple point-and-shoot will do)

There’s a good chance you already have those. When you have everything, you’re ready to start signing up with inspection companies. The more you sign up for, the more work you can potentially get. It’s really that simple.

Homes are being foreclosed at a rate of 3,000 a week, which is certainly bad news, but for you, as an independent field inspector, it can mean a lot of profitable work. You sign up with inspection companies and take on as many jobs as you’d like. It’s just that easy. You could be making great profits in no time. To learn more, read Drive By Profits.